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Top 10 Funny Zombie Movie Moments

The first zombie movie was 1932’s White Zombie. It’s not very funny (at least not intentionally funny) and it definitely isn’t scary. Since then, there have been hundreds of zombie movies made, and I think the best ones are a combination of both. Some use funny moments to relieve the tension between zombie attacks; others use zombie attacks to break up the funny moments. Either way, researching this list was a lot of fun.

Other than my sense of humor, the only other criteria used was that each movie could only be listed once. Of course, the movies included on this list had to actually be zombie movies.  Sometimes alien-controlled or demonic characters are included in the zombie genre, but I disagree. For example, I’ve disqualified Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series from this list because the ‘deadites’ featured in these films are actually demon-possessed corpses, not zombies.

If you don’t agree with my choices, please share your favorite funny zombie movie moments or zombie one-liners in your comments below.

(Note about video clips: I’ve included the location of each quote for longer clips – if you let the clips play through from the beginning be prepared for gore and spoilers.)

10. Tell Him To Get Burt Reynolds

Dawn of the Dead

(Starts at :18.)

Steve: Oh, oh! Uh… Rosie O’Donnell, tell him to get Rosie –
Kenneth: Ooh, yah, Rosie!
Tucker: Nah, too easy… give him something hard.
Ana: You guys had really rough childhoods, didn’t you- little bit rocky?
Steve: Hey, sweetheart, let me tell you something. You, uh, you have my permission… I ever turn into one of those things, do me a favor, blow my… head off.
Ana: Oh, yeah, you can count on that!

When the undead rise, civilization will fall.
The action in Dawn of the Dead centers around a group of people barricaded in a shopping mall during a zombie outbreak. The scene selection above- where characters are killing time by killing zombies- is unique to the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. Alternately, the original 1978 version of the movie has a funny scene where a character is attacked by zombies when he stops to take his blood pressure. (These are just two examples of the differences between the original and remake of the movie.)

The original Dawn of the Dead was the second Living Dead film made by George A. Romero. There are six Living Dead films (plus four remakes). The first in the series, Night of the Living Dead, appears on this list as well (#8). Other titles are: Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead.

9. They’re Using Tools

Bride of Re-Animator

(You can watch the clip at YouTube (embedding was disabled),  it starts at 1:50. Or you can watch the trailer for the movie, below.)

Herbert West: (zombie is using an ax to break down the door) My god, they’re using tools.

Death. Mate. Re-Animate.
Dedicated medical student Herbert West can’t resist making observations even while fighting for his life. Bride of Re-Animator (1990) is the sequel to Re-Animator, which appears at #5 on this list.

8. They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara

Night of the Living Dead

Johnny: They’re coming to get you Barbra
Barbra: Stop it! You’re ignorant.
Johnny: They’re coming for you Barbra.
Barbra: Stop it, you’re acting like a child!
Johnny: They’re coming for you… Look! There comes one now…

They’re coming to get you…
Possibly the best zombie movie every made, certainly the most influential – George A. Romero’s 1968 Night of the Living Dead released the relentlessly slow-approaching, brain-eating classic zombies into our popular culture. A pop culture phenomenon that has spread over the years, infecting everything from classic literature (like the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) to music, to video games and toys (check out zomedy.com for examples).

7. I love you… let me eat your br-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-n-s

Return of the Living Dead

(Starts at :30.)

Freddy: See? You made me hurt myself again! I broke my hand off completely at the wrist this time, Tina! But that’s okay, darlin’, because I love you, and that’s why you have to let me eat your br-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-n-s.

Second best quote from this clip (at :05): I know you’re here because I can smell your br-a-a-a-a-a-a-ins.

They’re back from the grave and ready to party!
A special moment in zombie movie history: zombies start asking for ‘br-a-a-a-a-a-a-i-ns’ for the first time in Return of the Living Dead (1985). Another first for Return of the Living Dead: it’s the first zomedy or zom com. This type of movie has become increasingly popular, with recent examples such as Shaun of the Dead, Fido, and Zombieland.

Return of the Living Dead is based on a book by John Russo and the first movie in a series of five films (they all have ‘Return of the Living Dead’ in their titles, such as Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave).

6. Weedman Said It

I Was A Teenage Zombie

(Starts at :15.)

Guy: Who said that?
Drug Dealer Zombie: (pops up from backseat of car) Weedman said it. (girl screams) Here’s your weed… Your seaweed!

A killer party you won’t forget.
When a group of teenagers accidentally kill their drug dealer they dump the body into toxic water and he returns as a zombie. This low budget film was obviously influenced by The Toxic Avenger. The director worked on the set of The Toxic Avenger at Troma Studios and (as pointed out in an article at Goregirl’s Dungeon) one of the movie characters is named after Troma Films co-founder Lloyd Kaufman.

5. What Are You Thinking… How Do You Feel?


(Starts at 2:50.)

Dr. Carl Hill: W-e-s-s-s-s-s
Herbert West: Yes, doctor, it’s Herbert West. What are you thinking? How do you feel?
Dr. Carl Hill: Y-o-o-o-o-o-u
Herbert West: (writing in notebook) ‘You’…
Dr. Carl Hill: B-a-a-a-s-t-a-r-d!

Herbert West has a very good head on his shoulders… and another one in a dish on his desk.
Re- Animator (1985) is based on a H.P. Lovecraft story and stars beloved horror actor Jeffrey Combs, who has appeared in 8 different Lovecraft film adaptations and at least 30 other horror films. (There is also a third and final Re-Animator film: Beyond Re-Animator (2003), which is definitely the weakest of the three movies.)

4. Uh, That’s Still Tender


(Starts at :30.)

Columbus: I can’t believe I shot Bill Murray!
Tallahasee: Mr. Murray?
Bill Murray: Uh, I’m just Bill I think, now…
Tallahasee: Bill?
Bill Murray: Ya?
Tallahasee: (touching wound) I don’t think we’re going to be able to stitch this
Bill Murray: Uh… that’s still tender…

This place is so dead.
Zombie movie meets road movie, and it’s one hell of a ride. Released in 2009, this is the most recent movie on the list.

3. Your Mother Ate My Dog!

Brain Dead (a.k.a. Dead Alive)

(Starts at 1:05.)

Paquita Maria Sanchez: Your mother ate my dog!
Lionel Cosgrove: Not all of it.

There’s something nasty in Lionel’s cellar – His family!
Brain Dead (1992), made in New Zealand, was Peter Jackson’s first professionally made movie. It is considered the best zombie movie of all time by some, and the goriest by many.

2. She’s So Drunk

Shaun of the Dead

(Starts at 1:00.)

Shaun: (sees zombie in his backyard) She’s so drunk.

2nd favorite: He’s got an arm off… get him. 3rd favorite: You’ve got red on you.

In a time of crisis a hero must rise…from his sofa.
Shaun of the Dead, another example of a recent zombie comedy, references many classic zombie movies. For example, Shaun’s mom’s name is Barbra, which opens the door for Ed to shout “We’re coming to get you, Barbara!” when they are on the way to rescue her. At work, Shaun mentions that a coworker named Ash is sick and can’t come in for his shift. (The Evil Dead trilogy character Ashley J. ‘Ash’ Williams is a sales clerk at S-Mart. Evidently the Shaun of the Dead co-writers, director Edgar Wright and lead role actor Simon Pegg, think Raimi’s movies belong in the zombie category.). Also, excerpts from the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack are used throughout the film and news broadcasts make reference to 28 Days Later and Night of the Living Dead. And, of course, the movie title is a play on Dawn of the Dead.

1. You’re Dates Are Here

Night of the Creeps

Detective Cameron: I got good news and bad news, girls. The good news is your dates are here…
Girl: What’s the bad news?
Detective Cameron: They’re dead.

Second favorite quote from this movie: What I’m going to need is your standard flame-thrower.

If you scream… you’re dead.
Night of the Creeps (1986) isn’t the best movie on this list, but I think this scene deserves first place.

Parasites from space infect a frat boy. When two geeks accidentally thaw out his frozen body, the infection spreads and carnage on campus ensues. The main characters are named after popular horror and sci-fi directors, including Cronenberg, Raimi, Carpenter, Landis, and Cameron.

Bonus Material

More Funny Zombie Movie Moments

For a larger collection of funny zombie movie moments, check out our playlist at the TopTenz YouTube channel.

Fans of Sam Raimi and The Evil Dead

Had it been eligible, Army of Darkness would have filled 8 spots on this list and Evil Dead II would have taken one spot. Army of Darkness is one of my favorite movies of all time and, really, it’s just that funny. It’s the Blazing Saddles of action movies, the Spaceballs of medieval horror, the Fletch of the Cthulhu Mythos… you get my point… You can visit The Evil Dead Sam Raimi playlist at the TopTenz YouTube channel to see a selection of from these movies.

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Top 10 Podcasts You Must Listen To

Internet radio shows, or podcasts, are one of the fastest growing forms of new media. With modern technology, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can become an amateur radio host and start producing a program on any subject they please, and websites like i-tunes and podcast alley now host thousands of different shows. The lack of time constraints and censorship means that podcasts are able to be much longer and more free form than traditional radio, which has attracted a number of celebrities and former radio hosts to the format. Meanwhile, several respected radio and television shows are now being released in podcast form, which has allowed them to find a whole new audience on the internet. Whether online-only or traditional radio shows, the following are the top ten must-listen podcasts. There are always new shows being released, so feel free to leave any recommendations in the comments section.


10. Smodcast



There might not be any better example of the fluidness of podcasting than Smodcast, an ongoing R-rated dialogue between filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma) and his longtime producer Scott Mosier. The show has no set format, and there is little structure beyond a short musical intro. From there, a frequently under-the-influence Smith and the deadpan Mosier let themselves go wherever the conversation takes them, from musing on the sexual habits of the Harry Potter characters to discussing film, hockey, and their personal lives. The result is a deceivingly simple style that feels more like eavesdropping on the late night conversations of two best friends than it does a real radio show, but when the two participants are this funny, that’s usually a good thing.

Listen to Smodcast Podcast


9. Mysterious Universe



From alien abductions and secret government programs to tales of ghostly occurrences and visitations by the Bigfoot, Mysterious Universe has all the weirdest paranormal news worth speculating about. The show, which is hosted by Australians Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright, has just returned for its second season after gaining something of a cult following during its first year on the air. Each week, the hosts scour the internet to find the newest underground stories in cryptozoology and conspiracy theories, as well as the latest news in the world of science and technology. Despite their bizarre subject matter, Grundy and Wright do an admirable job of keeping Mysterious Universe grounded in logic, and always approach every UFO sighting and ghost story from a skeptic’s perspective. Perhaps the best parts of the show are the often-lengthy “true” stories submitted by listeners documenting their personal brushes with the paranormal, which have described everything from exploring ancient underground caves in Germany to encounters with lizard men and shadow people. Is any of it true? Probably not, but like everything else on this show, they make for some always interesting and often unforgettable stories.

Listen to Mysterious Universe Podcast


8. The B.S. Report



Designed for the sports fan with a sense of humor, the B.S. Report is a frequent podcast hosted by ESPN sportswriter Bill Simmons. Simmons has long been a cult favorite of sports fans for his popular columns on the ESPN website and magazine, where he is known for his uncanny ability to elevate his discussions on baseball and the NBA with a healthy dose of pop culture references and wickedly funny jokes. He brings this same style to his podcast, which is as consistently laugh-out-loud funny as it is informative about the latest news and controversies in the world of athletics. Like all the best podcasts, Simmons’ show is very loose and free form, and it’s not uncommon for him to go almost a whole show without even mentioning sports, especially when he really gets going about movies or his ongoing obsession with reality television. When it is on topic, though, the show turns into one of the most insightful and entertaining sports programs around, thanks in large part to Simmons’ clever banter with his guests, who range from sports stars to comedians and fellow journalists.

Listen to B.S. Report Podcast

7. Left, Right, and Center



For astute political talk that tackles every perspective on an issue, you can’t do better than Left, Right, and Center. The show, which features four commentators from different parts of the political spectrum debating the issues of the day, usually airs on New York public radio, but it’s also released as a weekly podcast. The show is moderated by Matthew Miller, a member of the Center for American Progress, who represents the political centrists, and is co-hosted by Robert Scheer on the left, Tom Blankley on the right, and Arianna Huffington, who is described as representing the “independent-progressive blogosphere.” Unlike most political debate shows, which tend to dissolve into shouting matches, Left, Right, and Center prizes reasoned, courteous debate where every panelist is given their chance to speak. There is even a final segment where each co-host is given a chance to bring up an issue of their choosing and make a statement about it, during which the others are not allowed to interrupt. Compared to the fiery rhetoric and constant bickering of cable news shows, the show is a refreshingly rational take on political debate, and it’s also a great way to keep up to date on current events.

Listen to Left, Right and Center Podcast

6. Filmspotting



Filmspotting is a weekly podcast out of Chicago that is a must-listen for any movie fan. The show is ostensibly focused on movie reviews, but hosts Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson do more than just tell their listeners what new movies are worth seeing, they also discuss and examine film as an art form as thoroughly as any critics working today. The show doesn’t just focus on current movies, either, as the hosts frequently discuss old films as part of theme marathons which might focus on anything from the films of Alfred Hitchcock to 70s sci-fi cinema. In true film geek fashion, the duo also do a weekly top five list, counting down their favorites on subjects like the top buddy movies or the “best films to teach an alien about earth.” Throughout it all, Kempenaar and Robinson manage to match perceptive commentary with a genuine love for movies that is as infectious as it is informative. Few critics manage to strike a balance the high and low brow so well, or do it with as much humor and insight.

Listen to Filmspotting Podcast

5. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me



One of the most popular programs on National Public Radio, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is now available as a podcast, and it has become one of the most popular downloads at the i-tunes store. The show is a news program in the form of a game show. Each week a panel of three humorists and writers join host Peter Sagal in Chicago, where they are quizzed on the week’s most important and weirdest news stories. Listeners also get to call in to play a number of different news related games with the panelists in exchange for a prize. The show is great for keeping up with the news and learning about the latest ridiculous stories in science and politics, but its real strong point is the quality of the writing and the expert comic timing of the guests. Rarely do you get a chance to hear people this witty riff off of one another with such skill and precision, and the results are often hilarious.

Listen to Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me Podcast

4. The Adam Carolla Podcast



You probably know Adam Carolla from The Man Show or as the longtime host of the radio program Loveline, but what you might not know is that the comedian has become one of the internet’s most prolific and successful podcasters. His daily show the Adam Carolla Podcast is one of the most addicting and downright hilarious internet radio programs, thanks in large part to his keen observational humor and rants about everything from ticket-happy LA cops to movies and television. Outside of providing a forum for Carolla to air his often-controversial opinions on everything under the sun, the podcast is also a long-form interview show. Each episode, Carolla engages a celebrity guest in a rambling dialogue about their childhood and their journey in show business, relaying stories along the way about his own trials as an actor, comedian, and former carpenter. In the hands of a less-capable conversationalist, this podcast might become dull or repetitive, but Carolla is a born raconteur, and listening to him complain or tell stories about his wild younger days never seems to get old.

Listen to The Adam Carolla Podcast


3. The Moth



As far as podcasts go, things don’t get much simpler or more engrossing than the Moth, a weekly podcast run out of New York City by a nonprofit arts organization. The show is made up of recordings of “true stories told before a live audience without notes.” Each week, the group releases short 10-20 minute tales told by people from all walks of life. Past presenters have included writers, comedians, scientists, and even New York City police officers. The true stories they tell range from short anecdotes about unusual or embarrassing situations to epic and harrowing stories of brushes with death. One recent story told by a journalist traced her narrow escape from the clutches of rebel soldiers after her truck broke down on one of the most dangerous and desolate roads in Africa, while another described one man’s comic misadventures while on vacation in Italy. Whatever the subject matter, the group has a way of picking stories with a universal appeal that will keep you coming back for more.

Listen to The Moth Podcast


2. The How Stuff Works Podcasts



Ever wonder what causes deja vu, how the Panama Canal was built, or just what it is exactly that’s inside a Twinkie? If so, then you should be listening to the many podcasts put out by the website howstuffworks.com. The shows, which include “Stuff You Should Know,” “Stuff You Missed in History Class,” and “Tech Stuff,” focus on all the strange and obscure questions your high school teachers never got around to covering. Each short episode tackles one question or subject from history, which the hosts then discuss and explain with a great deal of humor and intelligence. The hosts always manage to touch on all the major points of their subject and back up their claims with hard data, but everything is kept at a breezy and entertaining pace. So while the coronation of Charlemagne or the full details of how habeas corpus works might not seem like the most scintillating subject matter, the shows have a way of drawing you in, and after each episode you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn just from listening to a few podcasts.

Listen to How Stuff Works Podcast


1. This American Life



This is certainly the obvious pick for number one, but it’s safe to say that podcasts–or radio, for that matter– don’t get any better than This American Life, the long-running program put out by Chicago Public Radio. Each episode, the show selects a theme, which could be anything from “the kindness of strangers” to “the fine print,” and then provides a series of journalism and non-fiction stories loosely based around it. It’s one of the most intelligent and well-produced programs on the radio, thanks to its unique, often funny take on current events, history, and personal stories. The people behind the show have a real gift for seeking out interesting perspectives on old themes, and it’s rare that you don’t come away from listening to it having learned something you weren’t even aware you didn’t know before. Take a recent episode called “Rest Stop,” where the show’s producers camped out at a highway rest stop in New York to interview travelers as they stopped for gas and food, and in the span of an hour managed to cram in stories about everything from eccentric Russian-American retirees to foreign exchange students. Whatever the subject, you can always count on This American Life to produce some interesting characters and funny, often oddly touching stories. Do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as possible. There is a reason why this show is consistently ranked as the number one podcast on i-tunes.

Listen to This American Life Podcast