The best melodramas of Hollywood? Certainly, «Dirty dances» with Patrick Swayze!

Patrick Swayze’s memories … Such is the sad validity: here already some my articles about great films and great actors left with dedication «Memories …». One of the brightest and remembered men in Hollywood – the actor on September, 14th, 2009 has died…
Such is the sad validity: here already some my articles about great films and great actors left with dedication «Memories …». One of the brightest and remembered men in Hollywood – actor Patrick Suejzi who has become well-known and won heart of the millions of women worldwide after an exit of a film «Dirty dances» on September, 14th, 2009 has died.Speaking about a film «Dirty dances», got on the ninety second place in the list «Hundred best melodramas of Hollywood», it would be desirable to name its ballad. Such pressing I smother, full of romanticism and deep emotional experiences a ballad accompanied by melodies in style a rhythm-and-blues.
In 1987 when the film left on screens, its occurrence became equivalently broken off bomb filled with multi-coloured confetti – it as if has brought with itself for a long time the forgotten holiday from gold times of the beginning of the sixtieth. For this reason and today many of us in a minute when it would be desirable to let in the life though a little a holiday, get from a shelf a box with a film «Dirty dances» with Patrick Swayze in a leading role.
Remembering enchanting success of a film with enough banal history at the heart of a plot which in 36 times has exceeded the budget on gathering, today studio Lionsgate is going to remove for it a remake. Evil tongues thus do not get tired to remind of a film failure «Dirty dances-2», left in 2004 and exceeded on cathedrals the budget in 25 million only on 2 000 000, hardly-hardly having justified expenses.
Whether can repeat again removed remake success of the first film? Time will show. But it is necessary to mean that that special atmosphere of a film for which all of us and are its admirers, develops not only of a plot and music, not only from romanticism and incendiary rhythms, not only from charm of a fine duet of Patrick Suejzi and Dzhennifer Heat. The film gives us such special sensations also thanks to inwardness of a society in that far 1963 when innocent dances to present measures named “dirty”.
About what a film? Certainly, about love. But also how sensuality rushes into a life of the house lovely Child, a sensuality, as dance, music commit breach of its habitual peace, bringing in it fresh paints, give the chance to feel the present woman.
In a film the problem of a social inequality very contrastly rises. From the very beginning we see that the society in which there is a Child and her family, is accurately divided into society having a rest and the lowest – those who entertains and serves having a rest. Fairly to tell, since then it is not enough that in this plan has changed, it I can tell as the person who has worked of many seasons in various sanatoria and children’s camps at coast. An another matter that presently dances happen “more untidily” that are shown in a film.
Patrick Suejzi’s hero, Dzhonni Kastl, learns the Child much bigger, rather than simply smoothly and beautifully to move and hold a back. It learns it to some extent smoothly and confidently to move on a life, holding a back and is proud having lifted a head.
Patrick Suejzi with its brilliant choreographic preparation, became the present celebrity after a film exit. Enthusiastic spectators, and especially spectators, have christened it at once «the most sexual man» the USA, and all world. The actor in a film is, of course, magnificent. Its natural charm, external appeal and reserved man’s sensuality in a combination to high actor’s professionalism have created a unique image of beautiful dancing-master Dzhonni with which with pleasure any of spectators and fans of this magnificent film would be over head and ears in love.
This film native and cosy, as an old favourite checkered plaid always seemed to me. Why? Probably, it recreates atmosphere of our childhood – time when we were full of dreams and hopes when to us it it was reliable and quiet behind a parental back when all of us as one, dreamt to change the world to the best. And it is unimportant, whether our childhood on the sixtieth or for the eightieth years – the same atmosphere has dropped out. And still bribes that fact that in this remarkable cinema all frankly, all is called as the names: abortion, a deceit, love and meanness.


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