Chanelle Hayes : Carrier, Tragic live story, and her boy Friend

Many people in England didn’t previously know about Chanelle Hayes. UK’s Big Brothers show is the place to climb on her name in the world.

Chanelle Hayes is a sexy woman who became famuous due to her relationship with ziggy on the UK’s Big Brothers Show.
However, if we want to see closer about life of Chanelle, many people will argue that her life story is verty tragic. Chanelle live development comes from the adoption of Christine and Hary Hayes Family. It all happened when her age was 15 years old. Why is she adopted? Because her mother was a prostitute and she was murdered by client Keith Pollard, on April 5, 1988.
All her life story has become a valuable lesson for her career. In 2007, Chanelle appeared on the UK’s Big Brother series. Following her appearance in Big Brothers, she appeared many time in newspapers and magazines doing photo and interviews.
After her show at Big Brothers Series, Chanelle’s career continued to climb. In April 2008, Chanelle was cast in a video by Lee & Dan, special produce a viral advertisement for the new MTV comedy. In May 2008, Radio 1 declined to add her debut single to the playlist. In June 2008, Chanelle started a weekly column in Star Magazine. In January 2009, the Daily star reported that she planned to launch her own fashion and lingerie line.
She also has filles a variety of television programs, such : Wannabe show at VH1 UK, as co presented live on Nuts TV with Oj Borg, star in a new reality TV series for VH1 UK, she appeared on the BB launch Night Special with Brian Dowling, she appeared as contributor on the BB 1 programmer by Nicky Campbell, and many more.
Since her infamous relationship with Ziggy. She dated Middlesbrough football player Matthew Bates for several months on Early 2009. Than on August 2009, she’s tragic life experienced are back. She was rushed to hospital after taking an overdose of paracetamol and red wine. Chanelle was discharged from hospital the following day.

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