Exclusive 25% Discount for any Mariner Software

December brings in gifts. As of today, until the end of the month, you’ll have an exclusive 25% discount for any Mariner Software. In order to trigger this discount, you’ll have to add a special promo code to the Mariner shopping cart. Here’s the code:


My long term readers already know about my partnership with Mariner Software. One of the most visited articles in my blog is one about using MacJoournal as a power blogging setup, GTD style. This post proved to be so popular that it even made it in my Blogging101 Workshop and I have to tell you that it was very well received by the workshop attendees.

Apparently, I’m reaching a milestone here: one year of monthly promo codes for good, stable and useful mac software. It’s been a very good year for me, and judging from the number of generated sales, it’s been a good year for many of my readers. If you didn’t realize it by now, I will receive a commission on each sale, so you can keep that in mind if you decide to buy.

In fact, affiliate marketing, as in honest, open and transparent affiliate marketing, was one of the most successful revenue sources in my first year of blogging. I am always happy to review and recommend products that I find useful and valuable. I find it a very good way to make money blogging because you can chose your products and you can test them before you recommend them.

So, I don’t know what you’re doing here anymore, you should be at the Mariner eStore, buying whatever you think you’ll need: MacJournal, MacGourmet DeLuxe, Paperless, StoryMill, Write or Calc. The discount works on family packages too. Just so you remember, here’s the code again:


Happy shopping 🙂


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